Poultry transport

GLB Trans specializes in the transport of live poultry. We choose the latest solutions that ensure the safety of animals during loading and transport, and also bring our customers additional benefits. That is why we decided on the so-called container transport of poultry. We have permission to transport poultry up to 8 hours. We have a license and a certificate of professional competence, which confirms our qualifications. We provide services in Poland. We also offer international transport of poultry.

It is extremely important in the transport of poultry to guarantee the safety of transported animals. Vehicle equipment should protect poultry against any mechanical damage, e.g. fractures, as well as against loss of plumage or deterioration of its quality. Adequate ventilation, on the other hand, is designed to avoid thermal stress in animals. GLB Trans meets all the conditions for the safe transport of live animals. Our company is equipped with special forklifts for poultry loading – we offer transport of poultry along with loading. We make every effort to ensure that the animals are not damaged during the loading procedure.